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The Swiss Leadership Camp and Academy, or SILC Academy, is a premier Student Leadership organisation with more than 11 years of experience in the education industry and are proud member of a variety of international school organisations and councils such as the BSME, AAIE, EARCOS, ECIS and NESA.

We work with students from the world’s most prestigious schools to unlock their potential with our school workshops, school camps throughout the academic year, our two week summer camps in Switzerland and one day conferences around the world open for all students. Our programmes are specially designed using our SILC curricular framework to combine amazing activities and fun games alongside workshops and evaluations, and has proven to be a powerful tool for developing student learning and leadership skills.



Overview – the SILC approach

The SILC curriculum is a pedagogically aligned syllabus developed over many years by our experienced team of educators in partnership with top private schools from around the world. Our programme integrates learning outcomes with fun group activities and outdoor challenges by positioning activities alongside feedback and evaluation provided by our dedicated trainers, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in the education industry.

Our trainers connect with each student individually, providing personal insight and helping students to develop self-reflection and resilience. Throughout the experience, our students are encouraged to identify personal goals and make a commitment to accomplish these during their academic, sporting and daily lives, resulting in a Personal Action Plan – a tool which has proved to have a significant and positive impact on child development.

Experiential learning in the classroom and beyond

Most young people are naturally eager to learn, and this is most strongly stimulated when given the chance to do so in a fun, engaging and practical way. For that reason, experiential based learning is central to our programmes. We believe in giving students an experience to remember, and learning by doing through games, activities and real-world simulation.

The specially designed activities combine interactive presentations with fun games like the Aeroplane Game, Pyramid Challenge, Marshmallow Challenge, Catapult, and Interview Game. All our modules have proven to be an effective and fun way to develop leadership skills through games and interaction with a team of experienced senior trainers. 

Tailored to your school

Bespoke programme

We believe that alignment with a school’s curriculum is essential to designing any effective student leadership programme. With our extensive experience working with international, IB programme, American, British, Swiss and other curricular systems, we are ideally placed to do so.

Through an alignment meeting with college and career advisors, coordinators, the secondary school heads or other school staff members, we can be sure to respect the school pedagogy in our programme. Our team will discuss your desired outcomes and can advise on best practices regarding the development of an effective leadership programme. We are also happy to tailor our leadership modules to the school CAS or STEM programmes, or other initiatives.

All of our courses are designed as part of a continuous programme aimed at working with the same students every year and offering them modules that are suited to both new and returning students. As with many schools, if you choose to work with us for consecutive years, returning students will build upon the skills and outcomes from previous years, developing a valuable pattern of continuous growth.

All inclusive service

Our programmes are completely managed by our staff and is all-inclusive from custom brochures for parents and students to all equipment and activities, so you don’t have to organise a thing. Of course, your staff are more than welcome to join during the workshops to effectively follow up on personal action plans that students develop throughout the course. If you let us know what leadership skills you would like your students to build upon and we can put together a suggested programme.

Senior Trainers


During the past years the senior training team has had the privilege to work with a wonderful diversity of people, teams and organisations; from young management trainees to executive managers and from professional student athletes to middle and high school students of the best schools around the world. 

Our speakers, trainers and coaches are a unique melting pot of passionate, committed and highly experienced experts in the field of leadership, coaching, and consulting. All trainers who manage and run the Student Leadership Series are part of our international and multilingual senior training team and all bring a different expertise to the variety of training modules. Our core team of senior trainers consists of musicians, film makers, project managers, directors, marketeers, media trainers, educators, entrepreneurs, ski instructors, nutritionists, drama teachers, actresses, photographers, mountain guides and outdoor enthusiasts. We also work as educational consultants to help schools design, optimise and expand their student leadership programmes.